B2B Tech Sales- Most Buyers Have No Organized Approach for Evaluation and Buying Your Product

Buying decisions

Your big sales opportunity is stalled. Your client was supposed to make the decision 3 months ago! Every time you inquire, you hear the same story…we are still evaluating, we are in a hold pattern, almost finished with the trials etc…
Sound familiar?
Here is what is really happening and how you can better help them.
Contrary to what we are told, most organizations have a no consistent approach for evaluating and buying innovative new technologies. Sure they know how to buy consumables, replacements and upgrades, but have not consistant approach for evaluating new ideas.
When you are introducing a new concept, it is imperative that you also lead the EVALUATION process for deciding if this new concept is a fit for their organization. You are the only qualified person to lead the process because you are the only one who has been through the process successfully….many times.
The top 6% technology sales people can teach a client a new way of improving their competitiveness lead them through their evaluation process and close the sale on relative value.


Joe Morone http://www.worldleaderssales.com



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