Using Benchmarks Instead of Value Propositions


Good salespeople are able to clearly and convincingly explain to their prospects why they are better than their competition. This skill puts them into the top 26% of their field. However, the top 6% focus more on benchmarking their clients against the clients competitors and helping them to close their competitive gap.

The objective is to teach our clients how to better compete using a benchmark

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Is B2B Sales All About The Money?

$                                                                                                                                Definitely yes. But not how you might be thinking. The entire business- to- business sales conversation should be about innovative ways to help your client make more money or how you can assist them in   saving money or improving profitability. If you do this well, your money will take care of itself! Joe Morone-

What Do The Top 6% Salespeople Do Differently?


Good salespeople have unshakable desire, commitment, responsibility and outlook. Great salespeople have highly developed technical skills for prospecting, diagnostics and closing. Excellent salespeople have what the good and greats have in abundance, plus they know how to gain access to and relate with all levels of decision makers.

This has been discussed many times before.

From my view, the Top 6% Salespeople perform 3 functions better than their colleagues-

  1. Early in the sales cycle they are able to teach their customers how to become more competitive within their marketplace. They focus on, their customers’ customer.
  2. During the evaluation stage, the Top 6% are able to co-facilitate or lead the comparison process with the customer. They are viewed as an industry expert, so the customer trusts them to be part of the evaluation, even helping to look at competitors offerings or internal solutions. They become an insider.
  3. When their business case is made, they have the certainty to close the sale timely and effectively. They know that they are helping their customer improve a business outcome, so they are not at all hesitant about getting the deal completed.

The bottom line is that the Top 6% work with, not on their customers. They are business experts and provide business guidance in order to help their customer achieve a better business outcome.

What are the traits of a less successful salesperson? They are overly concerned with rejection, price variance or being liked by the customer.

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